Let’s Make an Owl Wall Decor

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I stumbled across these melting beads by accident one day when I was looking up rubber ducks to make a plague for my youngest daughter. I began to view different patterns out there for these beads and realized they were pretty awesome. My daughters and I decided that we could make some pretty cool designs from these. So we did.

After my daughter created this owl, I knew I needed to make a wall hanging with it. I’m going to share the process with you now on how to create this beautiful wall decor.


The above photos reflect the materials that I used to create this wall decor. I used a decorative board from Dollar Tree. This board had a very glittery wording on it, so I sanded this glitter off. (I’m not really into glitter, so I try to get rid of it as much as possible.) This also distressed the board a bit too. Paint brushes, off white chalk paint, mod podge, flower wooden cutouts, turquoise, light blue, and purple paint, large wooden tile letters of O W L, ceramic tile letters for “watch over you”, scissors, wood plank design scrapbook paper (Hobby Lobby), and the owl (made from melting beads).

I had in my mind to cover the back of the board with the cream color paint and to mod podge the front (the side with the saying on it) to apply the owl to that side. So, I painted the back with cream-colored paint. Then I had to go away from the project for a few days due to life and when I returned, I forgot what I had planned. Do I started measuring the paper to the board and it didn’t seem to want to fit exactly as I wanted it to. I then decided I could paint over the sides, top, and bottom with brown paint and then apply the paper. That is what I did. after taking a look at the board I realized that I’d done the wrong side. Since I already had the paper, and owl on the back of the board, I decided to just paint the other side black to cover up the words. Unfortunately, you can still see the hint of lettering.

Painted the top, bottom and sides brown before placement of scapbook paper

Applied scrapbook paper with mod podge.

Applied the owl with hot glue to the board

Upon getting the owl onto the board I realized that it definitely needed some embellishments. I had these wooden flowers and tile letters that I decided to add to the picture. I painted the flowers three different accent colors and applied the bigger tile letters to them to spell O W L. I then took the smaller tile letters and placed them on the side and bottom of the owl. I arranged the flowers over the top of the owl as shown in the photo below.

These are the materials used for the embellishments for the O W L letters.

I painted the wooden flowers 2 different shades of blue and one purple.

I attached the large tile letters to the wooden flower shapes.














I placed the O W L lettering to the top as shown. 

The remaining tile letters were placed to the left side and bottom of the owl.





























This project turned out to be a bit more time-consuming than I originally thought. I believe the amount of time it took was due to life interfering with me completing it. Oh well, that’s what happens I suppose.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post.

Love in Christ,


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