Is Heaven Boring?

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Wednesday, 7/8/2020

On the way to church tonight, we were listening to a famous preacher, David Jeremiah. His sermon was very enlightening and really spoke to me. He was speaking about why Heaven isn’t boring and he gave several reasons. Number 1. God’s not boring, 2. I’m not boring, 3. None of my friends are boring, 4. My work won’t be boring…yes there will be work in Heaven…we are called to serve here on Earth, what makes us think that Heaven will be any different?!….(Revelations 1:1; 7:3, 15; 11:18; 15:3; 19:5; 22:3, 6)…we will be serving in whatever capacity God wants us to serve, but the only difference is that our work will never fade away, it will last forever!! and finally number 5. Heaven is the place I have always longed for!!….(Romans 8:22-23)….We are longing for something more…we have a restlessness that nothing here on Earth can fill…God put in us a desire for something better!!…..when there are things that we desire that have no satisfaction we are longing for Heaven!! I know that I’m longing first off to see, touch and hug my Lord and Saviour Jesus!! He is the first face I will and want to see. He loved me so much that he died for me so that is why I want to give Him the biggest hug ever and never leave His side (guess I can’t hog His attention though, you all want a turn). The next person that I want to see is my Daddy….I sure do miss that man, he made a huge impression on me and he was my Dad….to be able to hug him again and love on him is going to be amazing. Next I get to see my older brother, Keith again. He left us way too soon and my children missed out on a very special uncle. Then of course, I get to see all my grandparents again or for the first time. Plus, a bonus, is that I get to meet my 4 children that God wanted to have in Heaven with Him. Then of course there are all the saints from the Bible that I get to meet and spend eternity with. As you can see, that longing is justified because this world just can’t offer what Heaven does.

Even with all this insight that David brought in his sermon, it wasn’t the thing that hit me the most. He continued his sermon with saying that his friends and co-workers from the past would tease him about being a God freak or Bible boy and then they would go on to say that church was boring. They would tell him that church or God didn’t offer them fun and good times. That they were going to go to Hell and continue to party with their buddies. Continue to play poker and drink up a storm. Sadly, a bunch of people think this way even today. They think that death is just that, death and nothing after. They are mistaken though, because the Bible clearly talks about a lonely, hot, and really boring place….Hell!! It tells of everlasting fire and brimstone, where you can’t even get a quench for your thirst. Can you really imagine never getting to get a drink of water for a dry, parched throat? In Luke 16:19-25 it talks about a rich man and Lazarus. It talks about how the rich man, in Hell, wanted Lazarus to be able to just touch his finger in a pool and touch it to his tongue to quench his thirst because he was in torment. It also states that he wanted Lazarus to be able to go back to talk to his brothers and tell them about the torment that he was in and to sway them to accept Christ as Savior so that they too didn’t have to suffer like him. God told him that they had Moses and other prophets to tell them and that they wouldn’t believe Lazarus even if He sent him back..Luke 16:27-31. This is a sad scenario isn’t it? Hell is real and really good people will go there without Christ as their Savior!

Our world today is so turned around and in desperate need of our risen Savior. Our society has turned everything around to suit their desires. They have said things are right that are clearly wrong according to God’s Word. The evidence is all around us. Lots and lots of people are choosing Hell over Heaven everyday. Hell is a dark place with fire that burns eternally and those who choose to go there will suffer forever. Personally I’m not sure why anyone would choose to suffer for all eternity but then again my mind and heart aren’t turned from the truth. I believe what the Bible says about Heaven and Hell. I believe that Jesus loved me enough to suffer torture and death to save me from death. He then conquered death and rose again to give me eternal life! All God asks me to do is to believe these facts by faith and ask Him to save me. It’s that simple. So simple lots of people can’t comprehend how simple. This reminds me of a neighbor we had when I was a child. He was a very smart man and I believe his wife was a teacher. My parents witnessed to them and invited them to church on different occasions. This man just couldn’t grasp that salvation was so simple, he thought there had to be more to it than just simple believing on Jesus and asking Him to forgive and save him. This caused the man to have a nervous breakdown, literally. Once he got help for his mental state and could grasp the simplicity of it he accepted Christ as Savior along with his family. Yet so many people today choose outright to continue in their sin and ultimately choose Hell as their eternal home.

Just think, a place where forever you can talk and love on people that made a big impact on your life. A place where we get to fellowship with major people from history. People who paved a way for us to freely talk and worship God. People who, without their sacrifice, we wouldn’t have the Gospel today. People like Paul, Peter, James, Moses, Noah, Thomas (the doubter), and the list goes on. Can you just imagine being able to sit down and talk with Noah and ask him what it was like to build the ark and be ridiculed the whole time? Ask Moses what it was like to walk across the Red Sea on dry land with a big wall of water to your right and to your left? Talk to Paul about his experience on the road to Damascus and what it was like to be blind until he accepted Christ? Questions for each of these people fill my mind, but the one person I really can’t wait to spend eternity with is God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! What is it going to be like to walk beside Jesus and talk to Him about his life here on Earth and thank Him for all eternity for His sacrifice. I know He’ll know my heart and how thankful I am, but to be able to voice that to Him in person will be wonderful.

I hope that this blog will make you sit back and think about where your eternity will be spent. If you feel the need to further discuss this matter, don’t hesitate to email me and I’ll be more than happy to answer as many questions as I can. For those questions I can’t answer (cuz believe it or not, I don’t have all the answers) I will seek more qualified people to help out. Until next time.


Love in Christ,




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