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Fold those pesky fitted sheets.

I believe one of the thorns in all of our fleshes is those fitted sheets and how to get them to fold neatly without a lot of bulk. When your learning how to fold these sheets can be daunting and quite hard sometimes. So often we just give up!! We fold it any old way because its just gonna sit in the closet until the next time we change the sheets, right?!

Well, when you grow up with a German grandma, you don’t fold anything half way. My grandma was very particular about her folding and pretty much everything else she did. She was even known to iron sheets, because, well, you know there shouldn’t be wrinkles in anything!! I’m not that bad guys, I don’t iron my sheets, but I do like the crispness that the sheets have whenever they are folded neatly.

I did promise that my blog would hold how to videos or blogs, so here is the first one. I wanted to help you learn how to fold those pesky fitted sheets to fit neatly into their closets. It works best if you fold them right after they come out of the dryer, that way you don’t have to worry with the wrinkles. You can fold them when they are wrinkled, but they just won’t look as nice.

Obviously, we start with an unfolded fitted sheet. Grab one of the rounded corners and put it over your hand with the inside-out part on top of your hand.


Then grab the other fitted corner that is further from the first corner. (As if you were looking at the sheet on the bed, the corner from top to bottom of one side, not both tops or bottoms.) Place that corner on your other hand.

Now, take one hand and place it over the other hand so that the one corner is inside the other corner.












Do the same for the other end of the sheet. (For this step, you will place one of the corners from the other end on top of the hand that is holding the other two corners.)







This step will leave you with all four corners on your one hand, as you can see in this picture.

Then you will grab the end that is hanging and make the “corners” even.

Here you have a nice rectangle look to your fitted sheet.

You will then lay it on a solid surface (big enough to hold the whole sheet…bed, floor, or table). Fold the fitted corners and sides into the middle and lay the “top” of the fitted fold down toward the middle, as you see in the picture above.

Take the other side and fold all the way across to the other side, so it looks like the picture above. One long rectangle.

You will then take the bulky end of the rectangle and fold down to the middle.

Lastly, you will take the other end and fold over the just folded end. This will make a little squarish rectangle.

You end up with a neatly folded fitted sheet that will lay nicely in your closet until the next time you need to change the sheets on your bed.

I’ve made a video of this process on my facebook page…B&B Creations & Designs.

I hope this post has helped someone and that it didn’t “talk down” to anyone. I was trying to keep all age groups in mind, so please keep that in mind when reviewing this blog post.

Anyway, I’m here to help you with life’s basic lessons. If this has helped you or if you know someone that this would help, please pass this on and refer them to my blog or facebook page, heck both if you like.

Until next time.


Love in Christ,

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