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July 18, 2020

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the word friendship, I get warm fuzzies all over. It’s probably just me though because I’m just a softy at heart. Anyway, during my lifetime, and I know for some of you that’s not very long, I’ve had some really good friends and some that were just friends for a short time. I’ve learned that being a good friend is just as important as having good friends also. Proverbs 18:24a says “A man that hath friends must show himself friendly…”; Alana’s interpretation of this verse is that in order to have friends you have to be a friend yourself. You have to treat people better than yourself and even put yourself last. Be there for people even when its not convenient for you. Listen to their concerns without inputting your opinion. Just hanging out when they can’t get out due to an illness or injury. Calling them up when God puts them on your mind and finding out if they are ok or if they need a little extra encouragement.

Friends come in all shapes and sizes. I’m not talking about their physical size but in reality their heart and compassion size. There are friends that you can turn to for just about any concern or situation and then there are those friends that can only handle the good times. We don’t discount those “good time” friends, though since they serve their own purpose. God gives us the right type of friends at the right time of life also. We have those friends that have experienced situations that we are going through and they can offer words of wisdom and/or solutions to help us through the trial. There are those friends that are good listeners who will just sit and listen and may even cry with us. Some friends are there for us no matter the distance or how long its been since you’ve spoken.

It doesn’t matter how these friends have come into our lives, true friends are made because of shared interests. Friends that share Christ are more than just friends. They are family. I can honestly say that my Christian friends are truly family to me. They cry with me, laugh with me, and hold me up whenever I’m falling. The link that makes us this close is sharing Jesus together. Christ brings us together no matter how far apart we may be or in whatever stage of life we happen to find ourselves in. Christian friends show the love of Christ to us and others as well. That is why I can call a few ladies (and some guys too) true friends even when we have not personally met. I’ve acquired a few of these friends over the course of a few months, since we’ve all had more and more time to spend at home. I’ve had time to watch videos on my facebook account that has brought me into contact with several ladies that I know I can call my friends. One of these friends is Jen Ridenour. I started watching her crafting videos one night just because they popped up on my feed. (Not sure why that happened, because up until this point I’d never watched a crafting video on facebook .) I really enjoyed watching her crafting and the banter between her and her husband was great…it reminded me a lot of how my husband and I are at times. I continued to watch her, because at that time she was on every night crafting, and I enjoyed what I saw and heard. From those videos I learned that they were a Christian family, which impressed me right off the bat, and that not only did she do crafting videos, she also did a morning devotion video series also, called Jesus and Coffee. Well, guess what I did, I caught her video the very next morning and like they say, “the rest is history”. Through these videos I feel like I’ve gotten to know Jen a little bit and I would like to say she has gotten to know me a little too. She lives in Florida and I live in Texas, but that is only mileage. God has a way of making that gap seem really small and I feel like through her live videos we can make a connection. He can bring two ladies who’ve never met, together over technology. (you can catch her too at

Through Jen’s videos I was able to meet another lady I’d like to call my friend. Her name is Devit Rock with Trinity Sisters ( Devit is a sweet soul and makes you feel like your sitting in her house crafting together and socializing (oops, that “s” word everyone is scared of these days). She makes me feel as though we are friends from a long time ago. Devit really impressed me on Thursday night. I was able to catch her live video, but not until close to the end of it. Every time I pop on, as is with everyone else, she says hello to each of us. So, after she said hello, she asked how I was doing. Well, that night was a little strained because I was sitting outside of the ER waiting on my daughter to get her arm seen about and I wasn’t able to be inside with her due to this COVID thing. So when I let her know this, she said that she hoped my daughter was ok and that they would be praying for her. After I told her that she had broken her arm in two different places and that she was a bit nervous having to be in the there all by herself, Devit stopped her craft and said a prayer for Kerri (my daughter) right then and there. She literally took a break from her crafting and sharing with hundreds of people her creativeness, and said a prayer for my daughter and myself. I couldn’t hardly believe that a lady that I’d never met in person would care enough to interrupt her business to care about me and my family. This is how God works. He knows what we need right when we need it. I will always call Devit my friend and I will one day meet her (done made up my mind on this one). When we meet, I know that we will have a special connection because of Christ.

I have many more friends that are like family to me and each one holds a special place in my heart. They were put in my life, “for such a time as this” and God keeps the relationship fulfilled. I know that these friends will pray for me, come to my aide, and share laughs whenever needed. To these friends I say thank you for your friendship.

Family is what we become whenever we accept Christ as Savior. Family that spans many miles and time zones. Having friends like this is what I believe God wanted because He knows that we can’t survive this world without them. He also gave us a friend that sticks closer than a brother, His son Jesus Christ. When it seems that no one else is around or cares, you can pray and talk to Christ and He will comfort you and show you a greater friendship than even us humans can.

One day I will meet my two newest friends, if not this side of Heaven, I’ll meet them there. We will talk as if we have known each other for many years. We will spend time here on Earth talking and getting to know each other a little better or we will walk the streets of gold talking about all things Heavenly. God made these friendships possible and He will will make them more than any of us can comprehend.

I want to say a very public thank you to Devit Rock for her prayer on Thursday evening, it made both myself and my daughter feel very loved and cared for. My daughter is ok by the way. She gets her cast on her arm on Monday afternoon. She is learning to do things one handed, but she will be ok.

Jen Ridenour, thank you for always making me feel like a friend and for being available to pray for each and every person that asks. Thank you publicly for not being afraid to share your life with us and letting us see that we aren’t struggling through life on our own.


Until next time, may we all find friends that make this world a little easier to live in.


Love in Christ!


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