Love Thy Neighbor

Wow, that is a heated title! Why do we need to love our neighbor? God says so! This is one of God’s commandments and we need to obey it. What does it mean to love our neighbor though? Let’s take a look at this. You know this command must be pretty important because in doing […]


The Lighthouse…

I’ve always loved lighthouses. I started collecting lighthouses and you can find them all over my house. They symbolize safety and guidance to me. When I see a lighthouse I think of the ships that use it to guide them into the shore. When the storms are fierce and it seems like there is no […]


Let’s Make an Owl Wall Decor

I stumbled across these melting beads by accident one day when I was looking up rubber ducks to make a plague for my youngest daughter. I began to view different patterns out there for these beads and realized they were pretty awesome. My daughters and I decided that we could make some pretty cool designs […]

How To

How To….

Fold those pesky fitted sheets. I believe one of the thorns in all of our fleshes is those fitted sheets and how to get them to fold neatly without a lot of bulk. When your learning how to fold these sheets can be daunting and quite hard sometimes. So often we just give up!! We […]


Stuggling Guys

Do you ever just feel like the world around you is going to crash?! Feel like you can’t get out from under the storm cloud?! Well, that is where I find myself today. This pandemic stuff has put a big damper on our life right now and I’ve struggling to see through the storm cloud […]


Don’t Give Up!!

Have you ever just sat there and thought, “boy, will I ever succeed at anything?” Raising my hand high over here! I started on this journey of opening my business and it just seems like life keeps getting in the way of me having time to pursue it. I keep trying to make videos….insert noise […]


My Testimony

Sunday, July 19,2020 Today at church we were sort of challenged to share our salvation story, because everyone has one that’s gotten saved. The same amount of grace saved everyone that has asked and will ask. It didn’t take more grace to save this person than that person. So I challenge you now to share […]



July 18, 2020 I don’t know about you, but when I think of the word friendship, I get warm fuzzies all over. It’s probably just me though because I’m just a softy at heart. Anyway, during my lifetime, and I know for some of you that’s not very long, I’ve had some really good friends […]


Where I’ve Been

Thursday, July 16, 2020 Hey everyone, It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been busy trying to organize my crafting area and also my thoughts about what to write about. I’ve jotted down a bunch of ideas, but yet I don’t have peace about what to share with everyone yet. My mind […]