Love Thy Neighbor

Wow, that is a heated title! Why do we need to love our neighbor? God says so! This is one of God’s commandments and we need to obey it. What does it mean to love our neighbor though? Let’s take a look at this. You know this command must be pretty important because in doing […]


The Lighthouse…

I’ve always loved lighthouses. I started collecting lighthouses and you can find them all over my house. They symbolize safety and guidance to me. When I see a lighthouse I think of the ships that use it to guide them into the shore. When the storms are fierce and it seems like there is no […]


Let’s Make an Owl Wall Decor

I stumbled across these melting beads by accident one day when I was looking up rubber ducks to make a plague for my youngest daughter. I began to view different patterns out there for these beads and realized they were pretty awesome. My daughters and I decided that we could make some pretty cool designs […]